E-infrastructure for life sciences receives SSF grant



Johan Rung, a researcher at Uppsala University and SciLifeLab, receives a grant of SEK 15 million for the project “En nationell e-infrastruktur för livsvetenskapliga data”. It is part of the Research Infrastructure Fellows programme at the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

The Research Infrastructure Fellows programme was first announced in 2014, targeting key individuals working with research infrastructures at Swedish universities. Seven additional projects will now receive SEK 15 million each over a five-year period.

One is “En nationell e-infrastruktur för livsvetenskapliga data (A national e-infrastructure for life science data)”, led by Johan Rung, a researcher at the SciLifeLab Data Centre and the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at Uppsala University.

National data infrastructures

Johan Rung, researcher at SciLifeLab Data Centre.

The project is about strengthening the activities of the SciLifeLab Data Centre, which builds national data infrastructure and support functions for researchers and service units in life science in Sweden.

“We operate systems for storage and computation and various systems to support daily work, such as project management and file sharing. We also operate scientific data services with databases and web services for all areas of life science and support for research data management.”

The Swedish COVID-19 & Pandemic Preparedness Data Portal

For example, they operate the Swedish COVID-19 & Pandemic Preparedness Data Portal, the new data platform for SciLifeLab and the research programme for Data-Driven Life Sciences, DDLS.

“The project now supported by SSF will specifically build services and resources for sensitive research data, such as from clinical research studies and precision medicine”, says Johan Rung.

“The infrastructure applications cover both research and service activities in wide areas of life science, where we integrate research data management with strong IT and data infrastructure. We are based on open science and the FAIR principles to maximize the impact of Swedish data-driven research in life science.”

Annica Hulth

Research Infrastructure Fellows

The Research Infrastructure Fellows programme aims to provide career paths for leading individuals working with developing and operating research infrastructure at Swedish universities in SSF’s areas of activity: natural sciences, medicine and engineering.

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