ERC grant for research into extreme weather



Gabriele Messori, Professor of Meteorology, has been awarded a Proof of Concept Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). He will be analysing large volumes of data in order to extract information on the effects of extreme weather events.

Gabriele Messori, Professor of Meteorology.
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

ERC Proof of Concept Grants are funding for a highly applied project linked to an ongoing ERC project. In this case, the amount totals EUR 150,000 (SEK 1,669,665). The project will run for 18 months.

Extreme weather has many harmful effects, but there is a lack of publicly available data on the effects of many extreme weather events. This hinders scientific and practical progress when it comes to understanding climate extremes and working to minimise their effects.

The aim of the project is to provide a proof of concept for building future, improved databases on the effects of extreme weather events.

"The project involves automated analysis of large volumes of text in an attempt to extract detailed information on the effects of various categories of extreme weather events. So most of the project involves collecting data," says Gabriele Messori.

The project will collect data on the effects of winter cold in North America and windstorms and heavy precipitation in Europe – extreme events that he has studied extensively as part of his current ERC project.

Annica Hulth

ERC Proof of Concept Grant

The ERC Proof of Concept Grant is announced by the European Research Council, ERC, and gives researchers who have already received ERC funding the opportunity to develop their research results still further. The grant amounts to EUR 150,000.

There were two rounds in 2022. The second round, ERC PoC2, had a total of three deadlines. The results of the third and final round are now in. A total of 90 researchers from 18 different countries will receive grants. Six of them work at Swedish higher education institutions.


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