Large grant to Faculty of Law from Ragnar Söderberg Foundation

29 May 2018

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation has presented this year’s approved grants in law. From a total of six researchers and projects awarded SEK 12 million altogether, Henrik Bellander, Yaffa Epstein, Therése Fridström Montoya and Mosa Sayed at Uppsala’s Faculty of Law are to share almost SEK 9 million.

Henrik Bellander, postdoctoral researcher in procedural law, has been awarded SEK 1,475,616.

Yaffa Epstein, doctor of environmental law, has been awarded SEK 1,511,960.

Therése Fridström Montoya, postdoctoral researcher in public law, and Linus Broström, PhD, Lund University, have together been awarded SEK 2,311,104.

Mosa Sayed, docent of international civil law, has been awarded SEK 3,504,610.

Maria Cicilaki

Last modified: 2021-02-14