New Cooperation Agreement to Strengthen the Development of Uppsala University

6 May 2019

CEO Kerstin Lindberg Göransson and vice-chancellor Eva Åkesson sign the agreement to strengthen cooperation on the development of the university.

Akademiska Hus and Uppsala University have signed an agreement to extend cooperation on the development of the university’s physical teaching, research and collaboration environments. The parties will be working on a range of initiatives to further strengthen the university’s international standing and to create the long-term conditions for the effective provision of premises.

The agreement is for three years and relates to five areas: sustainable campuses; teaching environments that strengthen Uppsala University’s international standing; improved student facilities; collaboration on property management; and joint financial management.

“We have a great many square metres of premises at our disposal and we would like to promote change, including in the field of sustainability. It is beneficial that we now have an agreement in place with Akademiska Hus to develop cooperation. The idea is that it will facilitate processes and lead to activities that support the university’s development. This can be a model we can develop further with other landlords,” says Eva Åkesson, vice-chancellor of Uppsala University.

Within the framework of cooperation, Uppsala University and Akademiska Hus will jointly prepare specific projects to develop the physical environment in a manner that best suits new technologies, pedagogies and needs. The collaboration also involves an undertaking on the part of Akademiska Hus to promote the development of new accommodation for 400 students and researchers at the Uppsala University and to ensure that campus becomes more sustainable; for example, by equipping it with charging stations, photovoltaics, insect hotels and healthy, green outdoor environments.

“Akademiska Hus works to create knowledge environments that increase the competitiveness of higher education institutions and contribute to sustainable social development. This agreement deepens our collaboration with Uppsala University and together we will make the environment even more attractive to both students and staff and for visitors and collaborating external organisations,” says Kerstin Lindberg Göransson, CEO of Akademiska Hus.  

As yet, not all of the projects to be implemented in the five areas have been finalised. This will be a task for the steering group that has been appointed, on which both parties are represented. The cooperation agreement extends until March 2022.


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Last modified: 2022-12-22