Distinguished Teaching Award winners for 2019

24 May 2019

Anja Sandström is to receive the 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award in the areas of medicine and pharmacy. Here, she is being congratulated by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg.

The winners of this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards teach subjects connected with history, peace and conflict research, medicinal chemistry and information technology. A fifth Award, for outstanding teaching in a field selected for special priority this year, goes to Senior Lecturer Katia Cejie at the Department of Law, for her ability to create a positive learning environment and ensure that all the students feel that they matter.

The Distinguished Teaching Award recipients are nominated by students and colleagues. The winners are selected by the Vice-Chancellor according to proposals from an advisory committee comprising eight teachers and eight students. This year, 121 nominations were received.

The prizes will be awarded at the Ceremonial Installation of Professors in November. Each Award is the sum of SEK 20,000.

Award winners and citations

Senior Lecturer Lars M Andersson at the Department of History is the winner of the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2019 in the areas of theology, humanities and educational sciences.

Lars M Andersson is a versatile, greatly appreciated teacher who creates a positive, gender-equal teaching environment in which every student gets a hearing. He both inspires his students’ enthusiasm and makes high demands on them. He responds to the students at their level and according to their needs, and provides patient feedback with respect for each individual person. In addition, he cooperates successfully with the community at large.

Professor Isak Svensson at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research is to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2019 in the areas of law and social sciences.

Isak Svensson teaches at every level, from basic (undergraduate, first-cycle studies) to research (PhD and licentiate, third-cycle studies). For many years, he has played an active part in the departments’ course development at Master level. In his teaching, Isak uses innovative methods, with simulations of conflict and mediation situations, that engage the students. He is a highly committed, open teacher who is much appreciated by his students.

Senior Lecturer Anja Sandström at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry is to receive this year’s Distinguished Teaching Award in the areas of medicine and pharmacy.

Anja Sandström’s work as a teacher has been characterised by a strong commitment that both students and colleagues appreciate. She works on the basis of clear ideas about teaching, with responsiveness and a desire to adjust without compromising on quality. Anja tries out new approaches, reflects on outcomes and shares her experience with others. The students witness to how she conveys understanding of the subject of medicinal chemistry in a way that ensures that they retain their knowledge long after the course.

Senior Lecturer Tobias Wrigstad at the Department of Information Technology is the winner of the 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award in the areas of mathematics, natural sciences and technology.

Tobias Wrigstad is passionate about his teaching. With his proficiency as a teacher and his subject knowledge, he inspires his students. He continuously develops his educational approach with the aim of encouraging students to take personal responsibility for their learning. Through innovative forms of instruction and examination, enthusiasm and responsiveness to feedback from the students, Tobias promotes their learning and interest in the subject. Tobias is also generous in sharing his teaching experience with colleagues.

Senior Lecturer Katia Cejie at the Department of Law is to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award for outstanding teaching in a field selected for special priority, on the theme of “Teaching initiatives for gender equality and equality of opportunity”.

Katia Cejie is a versatile, highly committed teacher who shows concern for every student. She plans course content and forms of instruction with the purpose of creating a secure study environment, thereby promoting gender equality, equality of opportunity and accessibility for all the students. Through her commitment to an International Master Programme, she meets students from all over the world. She generates a favourable environment for learning and ensures that all the students feel that they matter, venture to develop their own learning and enjoy themselves.

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