Uppsala University still number 124 in new world ranking

9 June 2021

Students at Uppsala University

The International Student Ratio has gone up at Uppsala University. This gives Uppsala a better score for one of the indicators in the 2022 QS rankings.

Every year QS World University Rankings ranks more than 1,000 universities across the world. The competition is tough and in the list for 2022, which has just been released, Uppsala University comes in 124th place. This is the same position as last year, and following a downward trend, more positive signals are now appearing.

The QS ranking is based on six indicators, which are weighted as follows:

  • Academic Reputation, survey-based (40%)
  • Employer Reputation, survey-based (10%)
  • Citations per Faculty  (20%)
  • Faculty/Student Ratio (20%)
  • International Student Ratio (5%)
  • International Faculty Ratio (5%)

In this year’s ranking of 1,300 universities throughout the world, MIT retains its strong position as number 1. Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard are close behind in the top 5. ETH Zurich, Switzerland, breaks the monopoly of the British and American universities in the top 10.

Uppsala University is the fourth-ranked Swedish institution in the rankings – after Lund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers. This year’s rank of 124 in the overall list is the same as last year.

Overall, Uppsala University has experienced a downward trend in recent years, but now there are some positive signals. While the University has lost ground in the two indicators Citations and Faculty/Student Ratio, it has improved its scores for the indicators International Student Ratio and International Faculty Ratio. In another positive development, the Employer Reputation score, which was previously declining, has now taken an upward turn.

“The rankings are a dynamic exercise, and the competition is fierce. Even to remain still, institutions must continually improve their performance,” says Ben Sowter, Director of Research at QS. “The Swedish universities shine in the Employer Reputation indicator, positively impressing the global employers surveyed by QS. Sweden performs also very well in the International Students metric, although the data collected and considered for this edition precede the global pandemic. The Swedish higher education system continues to remain competitive and truly world-class.”

Last modified: 2021-02-14