Uppsala researcher in EU expert group against disinformation

1 November 2021

Thomas Nygren

As a member of an expert group, Thomas Nygren at the Department of Education, will develop guidelines and support for teachers to help them protect EU citizens from disinformation.

The European Union has appointed an expert group to develop guidelines and support for teachers to help them protect EU citizens from disinformation. Thomas Nygren, a senior lecturer at the Department of Education at Uppsala University, has been appointed as a member of the group. So, more specifically, what will your work involve?

“As an expert member of the group, I will be particularly focused on helping to develop sound advice based on the latest research, on how to prevent the spread of disinformation. The group will be preparing documentation and recommendations to support EU Member States in areas such as improving pupils’ ability to identify misleading information and to support them in how to think and use digital tools to assess credibility on social media. As a researcher with expertise in impact studies linked to digital source criticism, I have an especially important role when it comes to sorting out scientific support to tackle disinformation.”     

Which part of the job are you most looking forward to?
“It’s very much a matter of identifying the best tools, materials and practices and then disseminating good examples. I’m particularly looking forward to being able to disseminate vital research to various parts of Europe and contributing to reinforcing the ability of young people to adopt a critical and constructive attitude to digital information. We have many learned people working on this project with a great deal of different knowledge and experience, and it’s always cool to work towards a common goal with people from different backgrounds.”

What do you hope to achieve?
“Above all, I hope the group’s work will result in science-based advice and guidelines that benefit society.”

The group’s work will last for one year, after which a report will be submitted to the European Commission along with proposals for new guidelines.

Facts about Thomas Nygren:

Among other things, Thomas Nygren has studied the role of education in international understanding, historical thinking, digital competence, critical thinking and human rights. He is also research leader for the projects The News Evaluator and Digital Literacy Across Disciplines.


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