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1 November 2022

Illustration by Beata Boucht, a woman with lab glasses

The 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award will be presented on 25 April in the Grand Auditorium. You can take part in selecting the recipient.

In spring 2022 the first recipients of the Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award were selected. Now it’s time again. Be part of the selection process for next year’s recipients of the award, which pays tribute to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has helped shape the development of our society.

Nominations are now open for Uppsala University’s 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. You can help select the winners, who are honoured with a prize of SEK 500,000. Everyone is welcome to nominate candidates by 30 November. Self-nominations are also accepted.

Uppsala University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award was launched in spring 2022 to celebrate people with a connection to the University who have successfully developed ideas into innovations that went on to have a major impact. The first recipients were Ulf Landegren, Björn Ekström and Jon Heimer, the key figures behind the successful biotech company Olink Proteomics.

The award is given out annually, having been established in 2021 by the Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Foundation, which seeks to raise the visibility of the University's entrepreneurial culture.

The award can be divided between up to three recipients per year, provided that they have all contributed to the same entrepreneurial endeavour.

The following criteria should form the basis of a nomination:

  • The recipient should have played a decisive role in commercialising or implementing a discovery or innovation based on research or education at Uppsala University, with considerable benefit to society.
  • Through their entrepreneurial endeavour, the recipient should have contributed to a new and dynamic activity and been recently active in its growth and success.
  • The recipient should be a current or former student, working actively as a researcher, employed or deemed in some other way to have a strong connection to the University.

The nomination period is open between 1 – 30 November, and everyone is welcome to nominate one or more candidates for the award. The 2023 award will be presented at an open ceremony on 25 April in the Grand Auditorium of Uppsala University.

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Last modified: 2022-12-22