Full house at alumni reception in Tokyo

21 October 2014

Nearly 200 people came to the alumni reception at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo.

In connection with the Uppsala choir Orphei Drängar’s tour in Japan, Uppsala University organised activities in both Osaka and Tokyo for alumni and friends of the University. On the Monday evening, more than 180 people took part in the reception at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. A donation by Mitsubishi Corporation to Uppsala University was also announced at the event.

Uppsala University had invited alumni and friends of the University to the concert with Orphei Drängar at Tokyo Opera City. After the concert, the Swedish Embassy organized a reception for the guests. At the reception, Swedish ambassador to Japan and Uppsala alumnus Magnus Robach spoke about the importance of connecting Swedish and Japanese  universities, emphasising Uppsala University as a good example.

Uppsala University has many strong links to Japanese universities and being able to arrange a crowded reception in Tokyo is absolutely amazing, says Uppsala University Director Ann Fust. It is a sign that our alumni really value contact with Uppsala University and they are interested in contributing to the development of the University. It is particularly gratifying to see that our honorary doctors keep in touch with Uppsala University and their strong commitment to us in Japan.

This year, a series of activities focusing on Japan took place in Uppsala. In March the Heimat Choir from Kyoto University came to Uppsala and gave concerts. During the summer there was an Ikebana exhibition with Japanese flower arrangements in the Botanical Garden. In September the Sweden-Kyoto Symposium was organised together with Kyoto University, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute and KTH. The week after the symposium Uppsala University had a visit from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

At the reception in Tokyo a donation from Mitsubishi Corporation to Uppsala University was also announced. The donation will go to scholarships for Swedish and Japanese exchange students in the academic year 2015–2016.

Thomas Fredgren, head of alumni and donor relations at Uppsala University, talked about the initiative to get more scholarships for non-EU students. Since 2011, these students must pay tuition fees for studies at Uppsala University. Alumni, businesses and organizations were encouraged to support this effort with gifts and donations. Read more about how you can support Uppsala University.

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