SEK 12 million to nanosensor research

15 December 2016

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has selected 20 researchers at Swedish higher education institutions who will receive SEK 12 million grants in the Future Research Leaders programme. Zhen Zhang, Associate Senior Lecturer and Reader at the Department of Engineering Sciences, is among those to receive research funding.

Zhen Zhang heads a research team at the Division for Solid State Electronics, which is part of the Department of Engineering Sciences. The grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research will fund research on semiconductor nanosensor technology for a smart society. Zhen Zhang’s research team also works on developing energy efficient 3D chips.

255 researchers applied for grants from the Future Research Leader programme. The distribution between areas is 40% life sciences, 25% to both materials science and IT, and 10% to life science engineering. Since the start in the year 2000, 119 researchers have received research grants within the Future Research Leaders programme.

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