Annual report: Continued stable development for Uppsala University

20 February 2017

Uppsala University’s board has adopted the annual report for 2016, which shows a continued strong outcome in the competition for government research funding and student applications.

“The development is positive and stable, which does not mean we can lean back and relax. In the budget input we have provided to the government we have pointed at areas that need attention in the coming years,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

The annual report shows that Uppsala University has seen continued strong growth with a turnover of SEK 6.7 billion. The University’s researchers have done well in the competition for external funding and have a high publication rate.

The number of employees has levelled off at around 6,900, while the number of students and PhD students has decreased slightly. Decreasing numbers of PhD students is currently a national trend in Sweden and the University management will be keeping an eye on this issue. The decrease of non-PhD students is a planned adaptation to the mandate and funding received from the government.

In the budget input provided to the government for the coming three years, the University highlights the need for increased compensation for students taking science and technology or other laboratory-intensive programmes.

“In these fields, the erosion of compensation levels is most worrying. Augmented funds are necessary,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

The University also calls for a higher funding ceiling with freestanding places to be able to offer the broad and flexible range of courses necessary to meet future labour market needs.

The University also seeks increased basic research funding to strengthen long-term planning for continued research advances. Also mentioned here are the increased costs for research infrastructure that are expected to be paid for within the basic funding framework.

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