SEK 71 million in grants secured for science and technology research environments

6 March 2017

The Swedish Research Council has decided on grants for research environments in science and technology. Uppsala University is the recipient of three out of the 18 awarded grants.

The purpose of the six-year grants for research environments is to create added value of cooperation across larger networks of people than in regular projects. The call for proposals consisted of one general part and two parts specifically targeted at information and communication technologies, and energy respectively. The applications were reviewed by an international group of prominent researchers in natural and engineering sciences, with support from external experts.

Out of a total of 222 applications, 18 were granted a total of SEK 425 million for the full six-year period.

Three applications from Uppsala University were granted funding:

  • Rajeev Ahuja at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Theory:
    Stimuli-enabled energy materials for smart bioelectronic devices, SEK 23,874,000
  • Johan Elf at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Molecular Systems Biology:
    Physical principles for genetic regulatory codes, SEK 23,382,000
  • Suparna Sanyal at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Structural and Molecular Biology:
    An integrated environment for ribosome research, SEK 23,976,000

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