Distance education now coming into effect at Uppsala University

17 March 2020

The University will switch to distance teaching and assessment from 18 March 2020 onwards.

Uppsala University is following the recommendations and guidelines issued by the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The Vice-Chancellor decided today that the following will apply at Uppsala University:

  • Uppsala University will switch to distance teaching and assessment from 18 March 2020 onwards.
  • Departures from course and programme syllabuses will be allowed as regards the modes of assessment and teaching to enable remote delivery. Decisions on departures from the syllabus will be made by the body or person that approved the course or programme syllabus concerned.
  • Staff and students must without exception stay at home if they have the slightest symptoms of a cold or influenza.
  • Members of staff who personally belong to an at-risk group or who live with a person in an at-risk group should be given the opportunity, as far as possible and after consulting their line manager, to work at home even if they have no symptoms,.
  • Other members of staff will continue to work as usual but should – in consultation with their manager – consider working from home all or part of the time as far as their duties allow this.

The following points came into effect earlier:

  • No business travel abroad will be approved in the period until 14 April 2020.
  • International conferences and visits are to be cancelled until 14 April 2020. National conferences involving more than 100 people should be limited if possible. Decision-making authority rests with line managers/heads of department.

The University is not closing

The measures now being implemented do not mean that the University is closing. The goal is for operations – education, research and administration – to continue as far as possible. At the same time, we must do all we can to help slow down the spread of infection.

Uppsala University as a workplace is following recommendations on ‘social distancing’, which means that members of staff and students should, as far as possible, avoid or minimise close physical contact. Teaching and assessment will continue but, as explained, will switch to remote modes (digital types of instruction, self-study, take-home assignments). Library services will be available, research and support functions will continue, but will respect the measures that the Vice-Chancellor has decided will apply for members of staff. Until further notice, PhD defences can be organised if this can be done while maintaining increased social distance.

As always, the regular management organisation will take decisions on the practical application of the measures decided upon.

Questions: contact Director of Communications Pernilla Björk, mobil 070-29 11 524.

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