Custom-tailored courses for employers forge new contacts

5 February 2008

Custom-tailored course

Custom-tailored courses are one initiative. Here a course for government executi

Uppsala University Education, the University’s unit for commissioned education, is making major commitments in the form of custom-tailored courses and international commissions.

Uppsala University Education is known for its brief, open courses in various subjects. Between 3,000 and 4,000 people take part in the 50-60 courses each year­-operations that have been running for 23 years.

“In recent years we have taken more proactive initiatives with custom-tailored courses for specific employers, such as governmental authorities,” says the unit’s director Kay Svensson.

Another area receiving high priority is international commissioned education. For example, SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) finances the course “Women’s Human Rights,” with some 25 participants from different developing countries. This is a three-year project that is arranged in collaboration with Sipu International.

Indonesian civil servants

Courses for Chinese and Chilean civil servants have long been provided in collaboration with political scientists, business scholars, and biologists at Uppsala University.

“In a couple of days we will be hosting the Indonesian embassy, which is interested in a course for their equivalent of the Swedish National Audit Office” on issues involving ‘public and environmental policies.’ In this case we will also be turning to SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) for assistance,” says Kay Svensson.

He regards commitments to international courses as an important long-term component of the University’s activities.

“These kinds of courses establish contacts with key individuals in positions of prominence in various countries. Knowledge and experience can be exchanged. This creates opportunities for the future and builds up an investment of trust in countries with tremendous potential for development.”

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