Several of Sweden's hottest technology companies stem from Uppsala research

12 March 2008

The Swedish magazines Ny Teknik (New Technology) and Affärsvärlden (Business World) have jointly identified the 33 most interesting new technology companies in Sweden.

These companies are found in the IT sphere, in the energy sector, and in medicine and biotechnology. Five of the 33 are from Uppsala: Chromogenics, which recently garnered a prize for innovation in London and derives from Professor Claes-Göran Granqvist’s research on smart windows. Further, Modpro, which develops instant tests to reveal diseases in both humans and animals and originated from Professor Lars Baltzer’s protein binder research.

“Fun to be on the list, especially considering the declaration that these companies have the potential to change the rule of the game in their particular fields,” says Lars Baltzer.

The other three are: Olink, which develops research tools that can see single molecules and monitor how compounds in cells signal each other. The company is a spin-off from Professor Ulf Landegren’s research. Seabased, which develops generators for wave power and stems from Professor Mats Leijon’s research, and finally Ångström Aerospace, which is based on Fredrik Bruhn’s research. They develop microsatellites and tiny unmanned aircraft for monitoring.

To be included on the list, companies must:

- Be developing a unique product based on an innovation.

- Show great international potential and be in a position to change the rules of the game in their field.

- Be based in Sweden and be no more than seven years old.

- Not be listed on a stock market.

- Not be developing new drugs.

Last modified: 2021-01-27