About the Competence Centre

Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences a newly funded VINNOVA (Sweden's Innovation Agency) Competence Centre that gathers more than 20 partners in academia, industry and the public sector to support competence and research development in the filed of life sciences. The centre is funded by academia, industry and VINNOVA in equal parts, with a total budget of approx. 100 MSEK and will run for 5 years in a first instance, between 2020-2025, and engage experts within academia, industry and public sectors with a passion for 3D-printing.

MISSION: To develop, provide and support a future supply of competence, technology and spin-offs in Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences.

VISION: To become a global player in the education, research and development of additively manufactured materials and components for life science applications, and thereby provide patients with an enhanced quality of life.

THE ULTIMATE GOAL: the Competence Centre will gather relevant expertise to create synergy in the field of additive manufacturing for life sciences, and thereby be a stable platform as well as a powerful source of competence, world-leading research and solutions to real problems solved by innovative approaches.

The following research fields are covered by the centre:

We provide courses and seminars for our consortium members to contribute in the development of highly educated and competent professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Last modified: 2022-09-13