WP 6. Implementation

In this work package we see a large potential in combining the research performed in Industrial Technology, with the resources within the local innovation system (UU Innovation, UIC etc.). We also see a need for better pre-operative models, produced by AM in collaboration with the clinics. Implementation of e.g. additively manufactured implants in the clinics is not a straight-forward matter. Implants manufactured in a traditional manner are already subject to new, tougher regulations from 2020 through the new Medical Device Regulation, and by using AM several additional issues need to be considered, such as operator effects, ensuring certain material and implant properties for each product, etc. Furthermore, the completely new way of manufacturing also requires companies to consider new business models.

Work package leader: Prof. Marcus Lindahl, UU

Research activity group: Prof. Marcus Lindahl, Prof. Sune Lersson, Dr. Anna Franzén, Prof. Ingela Nyström

                                                      Partners involved in WP6