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We believe that 3D cell culture models generated using different types of microfluidic technology and bioprinting will be very important in the future to carry out better screens for new drugs to combat cancer.  Cell spheroids are 3D aggregates of one or several cell types that have been generated in vitro. Due to their 3D structure the spheroids mimic the complexity of tissues to allow for more representative studies of cell behavior compared to traditional 2D cell culturing techniques.  
This project is aimed at developing a microfluidic system for high-throughput production of spheroids with varying cell and matrix composition for screening of new cancer drug candidates.  The student will have access to a variety of 3D printing and manufacturing technologies for the creation of microfluidic systems and ultimately spheroids, including a high temperature FDM printer enabling printing in biocompatible polymers (such as PEEK), SLA-based printing methods, bioprinters, and CNC machines. 

Last modified: 2021-03-03