WP 3. Additive Manufacturing of Materials for Implants

Additve manufacturing has enabled patient-specific implants to be produced in an affordable way. However, most implants are still non-degradable. One of the main aims of this theme is to develop 3D-printed materials that can degrade in the body while being replaced by the patient’s own tissue, thereby eliminating the need for a second surgery if the implant needs to be removed, and reducing the risk for infection, since bacteria can adhere to and grow on dead/non-active material, like implants. With the increasing bacterial resistance worldwide, this has become a pressing matter.

Work package leader: Prof. Cecilia Persson, UU

Research activity group: Prof. Cecilia Persson, Dr. Jonas Åberg, Dr. Mamoun Taher, Andrea Spanou, Annika Strondl 

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