Research areas

Uppsala University’s research is conducted in three broad disciplinary domains, listed below. The breadth of our research gives strength and opportunities. It provides new perspectives on fundamental scientific issues and contributes to sustainability, human health and the development of society.

Science and Technology

The focus here is on global survival, a sustainable environment, and technological progress. This research ranges from unfettered pure research to applied research with industrial ties, covering everything from the smallest building blocks of life to advanced engineering.

Medicine and Pharmacy

An aging population, diseases of affluence, resistance to antibiotics, needs for new and improved drugs, and dramatically rising healthcare costs are some of the major challenges society is facing. Comprehensive research in Uppsala targets the alleviation, healing, and cure of diseases and the development of new drugs that will help people to survive and live their life to the fullest.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanistic scholarship and social sciences study how people’s conceptions and knowledge are formed in time and space, and the economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of social development. This research explains the causes and consequences of human interaction and societal organisation.