Uppsala researcher new chair of the Young Academy of Sweden

5 June 2020

Sanna Koskiniemi

Sanna Koskiniemi, new chair of the Young Academy of Sweden. Erik Thor/Sveriges unga akademi

The end of May saw the election of the Young Academy of Sweden’s new Academy Board for the year 2020/2021. The Academy Board’s new chair is Sanna Koskiniemi, senior lecturer at Uppsala University’s Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. Another Uppsala researcher is also among the six members of the new Academy Board – Steffi Burchardt, senior lecturer at the Department of Earth Sciences.

“I am looking forward to a year filled with new ideas, projects and discussions,” says new chair Sanna Koskiniemi. “It will be great to play my part in finding the best way to channel the wonderful energy and drive of the members. We also have a large number of projects that will be completed during the year and it will be exciting to see how they turn out. It is an honour and a pleasure to lead the Young Academy!”

An independent academy

The Young Academy of Sweden is an independent interdisciplinary academy of sciences that works with issues of research policy and scientific outreach. The principal objectives are to strengthen the voice of young researchers in the debate on research policy and bring research to young people.

The Academy has around 35 members, with membership limited to a term of five years to allow for the continuous renewal of the Academy. There are young academies in over 30 countries and the Young Academy of Sweden collaborates with other young academies at Nordic, European and Global levels.

The Board of the Young Academy of Sweden is elected for a one-year term from among the Academy’s membership and consists of a chair, vice-chair and three members. The CEO of the Academy is co-opted to the Academy Board.

The new Academy Board for 2020/2021 consists of:

  • Sanna Koskiniemi, chair, researcher in microbiology at Uppsala University;
  • Sebastian Westenhoff, vice-chair, researcher in biophysical chemistry at the University of Gothenburg;
  • Steffi Burchardt, researcher in volcano-tectonics at Uppsala University;
  • Aryo Makko, associate professor of history at Stockholm University;
  • Jakob Nordström, professor of computer sciences at Lund University and the University of Copenhagen; and
  • Anna Wetterbom, CEO of the Young Academy of Sweden.