Research infrastructure

Successful research depends on infrastructure of an internationally high standard in the form of experimental equipment, databases, libraries, collections and biobanks. Infrastructure is one of Uppsala University’s strategically prioritised university-wide areas of development.

Infrastructure resources

Uppsala University hosts various infrastructure resources that are accessible nationally and internationally, and by the same token, researchers at the University make extensive use of infrastructure elsewhere in Sweden and abroad. Infrastructure for research and education includes everything from large research facilities to collections at the University Library, the museums’ historical collections, databases and IT systems. In the future, the major research universities will also need to take greater responsibility for providing national research infrastructure.

Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020

Survey of research infrastructure at Uppsala University

In 2013 a survey of research infrastructure at Uppsala University was conducted, ordered by the Vice-Chancellor. Leading the effort was Joseph Nordgren, post-retirement professor of soft X-ray physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The purpose was to create a supporting material for the development of strategies for effective administration and coordination of research infrastructure resources. The survey resulted in a report – Report on Research Infrastructure at Uppsala University – which among other things includes a list of available resources at Uppsala University.

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The Council for Research Infrastructures at the Swedish Research Council promotes the creation and use of infrastructure to further Swedish research of the highest scientific quality.