Digital Humanities Uppsala

Digital Humanities Uppsala is a digital humanities research network positioned at the intersection of the humanities and information technology. The network brings together, supports and disseminates digital humanities research at Uppsala University. 

Our seminar series with external guests, tech fika, and methods-oriented workshops started in January 2019. The series continues and expands upon the activities of the Forum for Digital Humanities.

What is digital humanities?

Digital humanities is a scholarly lens through which digital tools and methods are used for humanistic research. In a world of fast-pacing technology, digital humanities builds on scholarly and scientific cooperation and has the ambition to cross disciplinary, departmental and national boundaries. It further has implementations beyond academia, for example in cultural heritage or the entertainment industry. 

More about Digital Humanities Uppsala

Find us at Verkstaden

Visit the DH Uppsala blog for ideas, research presentations and other outputs from the research network.

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Visit Verkstaden

Verkstaden is located in Engelska Parken (House 4, room 4-0027). Digital Humanities Uppsala is still under development and planning its activities. We welcome collaboration of any kind. Whether you have a new DH research idea or question, wish to promote an ongoing project, or simply are curious – please send us an e-mail and come hang out! We like to think of ourselves as moving beyond the strict confines of scholarly disciplines and hierarchies, so everyone’s welcome.

For questions of any kind please contact either Anna Foka (scientific leader) or Matts Lindström (project coordinator) below.