In the Norse World infrastructure or system, the REST-API web application reads and writes data to and from the database. In other words, it is a separate back-end application that allows admin users to e.g. enter new data, while end-users are able to access the database when making queries through the Norse World end-user interface. The REST-API uses JSON as its open standard format and is compatible with both GeoJSON and JSON-LD. Furthermore, the API fits seamlessly in with major offline open-source GIS applications such as QGIS.

You can access the REST-API for original forms in GeoJSON and JSON-LD via following links (links will go live soon):

You can access the REST-API for standard forms in GeoJSON and JSON-LD via following links (links will go live soon):

API documentation

Generic API

The generic JSON API is based on the structure of Norse World database. Each end point returns an object within the database. It is however not equal to a table in the database because some objects contains the relation and even values from other tables. Note that when using the API to return entire lists of objects they could indeed contain objects that have no relation to any attestation shown on the site. For instance, a location could exist in the database but have no relation to any Attestation thus not showing on the map, since the maps focus is on attestations. However, locations do have a “count” value which indicates how many attestations it have a relation to.



Norse world do provide a standardized API for GeoJSON format. It also provides some additional properties and might expand these properties depending on feedback.

All objects are of type Points since the database does not contain any polygons or other types of markers. The properties are non-standard and will need to be manually mapped to the user’s preference and use.



The API have been validated by

Each object have linked data relation to each related object. Compared to the generic API, it is not possible to show data which does not have a relation to either a location or an attestation.