Are Noncitizens Discriminated Against in the Hiring Process?

Time period: 2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31

Funder: Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy (IFAU)

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 714 100 SEK

Our project aims to provide evidence on the effect of naturalization on labor market discrimination across five countries. More specifically, we ask whether noncitizen immigrants are discriminated against in the hiring process. To accomplish this, we conduct what has become known as correspondence tests where job applications for fictitious applicants are sent to employers and the frequency of call-backs is recorded. The fictitious applicants will be identical in all respects, with the expception of whether they are described as natives, noncitizen immigrants or immigrants with citizenship, which will be randomly assigned to each application. This application is for the Swedish leg of the project. The cross-country project brings together a group of scholars from Uppsala university, Stanford university, LSE and Princeton university. This group has considerable experience from working with natural experiments and extensive substantive knowledge about migrations and citizenship issues from a comparative perspective. The group has published in these areas in leading political science and economics journals. To the best of the group's knowledge, this is the first natural experiment to examine the potential of citizenship in driving labor market discrimination.