Programme Grant IMER: Dilemmas of Diversity: Ethnic Integration and Segregation in the City

Time period: 2010-01-01 to 2015-12-31

Project leader: Roger Andersson

Funder: Forte

Type of award: Research environment

Total fundning: 12 000 000 SEK

Welfare states in today’s multicultural societies are confronted with several dilemmas: between the objective to promote equality and freedom for the individual, and to fulfil certain collective interests and goals; between policy strategies that are universal, and strategies that target only members of certain categories of the population; between the ambition of the state to promote integration within the community of citizens – demos – and to tolerate, or even promote, that citizens also enjoy membership in different ethnic communities – ethnos. The focus of the present research programme is on concrete expressions of these dilemmas in an urban context. Key research themes include: residential segregation and integration; policies regarding settlement, dispersal and social mixing; urban governance and area-based interventions; neighbourhood effects; ethnic associations and political inclusion; theoretical and conceptual development.The programme draws on research on ethnic relations, residential se