Forte-centre Working Life: Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS)

Time period: 2010-01-01 to 2019-12-31

Project leader: Peter Fredriksson

Funder: Forte

Type of award: Research environment

Total fundning: 40 500 000 SEK

UPPSALA CENTER FOR LABOR STUDIESUppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS) comprises researchers from economics, sociology and labor law. UCLS focuses on three broad research themes, namely (i) labor market institutions and employment relations, (ii) unemployment and social protection, and (iii) earnings, education, and inequality. These themes are motivated by an interest in understanding how “the Nordic model” will fare in the process of globalization. Some have argued that the adverse incentive effects of social protection have increased as a consequence of intensified competition and more turbulent economic environments. However, if globalization increases economic turbulence, it is possible that welfare state provisions such as unemployment insurance may facilitate structural change by breaking resistance to mobility. It is likely, though, that globalization will contribute to increasing wage inequality and raise new challenges for educational and labor market policies. Moreover, Sweden’s participation in