The future of x-ray based spectroscopic techniques

Time period: 2015-11-01 to 2015-11-30

Project leader: Olof Karis, Olof "Charlie" Karis

Funder: Swedish Research Council

Type of award: International cooperation

Total fundning: 180 000 SEK

X-ray based spectroscopies are rapidly evolving. This progress is largely driven by the development of novel X-ray sources with dramatic improvement in performance in terms of intensity and time resolution. Synchrotron radiation facilities are reaching their ultimate performance with the upcoming storage rings at the MAX IV laboratory, setting the new standard. Free-electron lasers allow for time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy on the atomic time scale, and investigation of non-linear X-ray physics. X-ray sources based on the high-harmonic-generation principle steadily improve performance and give new opportunities for time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy. Corresponding advances in instrumentation match the source development, existing methods are refined and new methods are devised. The scientific prospects opened by this rapid development are overwhelming. It is the purpose of this conference to identify the most promising directions and formulate goals for the future of X-ray based spectroscopy linking methodology development and research on fundamental light-matter interaction with understanding and control of electronic properties for new functional materials. Several fields will be covered during the workshop:• Future methodologies for X-ray spectroscopy.• Future methodologies for X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.• Light matter interaction at the atomic level• X-rays for atomic level understanding of functional materials.