Lessons to be learned from Mother2Mother project i South Africa

Time period: 2016-09-01 to 2017-08-31

Project leader: Mona Eliasson

Funder: Forte

Type of award: International cooperation

Total fundning: 143 900 SEK

Innovative approaches to improving women’s health are needed the world over. NGOs are frequently at the forefront infinding new ways, as in the Mother 2 Mother project.Employing a mentoring method to HIV-mothers guiding them through pregnancy, delivery and showing how best to livewith a child has shown to be successful in this very difficult and vulnerable situation. Here is much to learn forempowering women and improving their health.Our double aim is to investigate the Mother 2 Mother method, how it works, with whom,and under what conditions. HIV is not a great problem in Sweden, but we plan to find ways to adapt this method toSwedish situations pertinent to women’s health and well-being, especially refugee centers and women’s shelters geared towomen originating in in other countries.