Central Sweden Cohorts & Biobank

Time period: 2018-01-01 to 2022-12-31

Project leader: Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala universitet

Funder: Swedish Research Council

Type of award: Research infrastructure

Total fundning: 55 000 000 SEK

Building of the Central Swedish Cohorts & Biobank infrastructure started 30 years ago and includes 110,000 women and men born between 1914-1952, living in the counties of Uppsala, Västmanland and Örebro. Questionnaire-based information about lifestyle has been collected several times, and health status and drug use are annually updated by record linkage to 20 national patient and quality registries. Clinical examinations performed in subcohorts of 12,000 participants (ongoing) include body composition scans and collection of blood, urine, fat biopsies and feces. DNA from 50,000 participants is also stored in the biobank. The organization behind the infrastructure stems from four universities – Uppsala, Örebro, Chalmers and Karolinska – but users of the infrastructure can be found at several other national and international institutions. This large infrastructure (2,100,000 person-years of follow-up), with extensive high quality longitudinal phenotypic data (4000 variables/participant) has a long tradition of data sharing (since 1992), both nationally and internationally. It has been a “gold mine” for clinical researchers and will facilitate future personalized medicine and translational studies. We now apply for maintenance of this well-functioning mature infrastructure, further development (upgrade by questionnaires and second clinical examination), enrichment with omics-data of interest for several research groups, database sharing costs and operation of the biobank.