Uppsala Health Summit (UHS) 2019, ”Healthy Urban Childhoods”

Time period: 2018-12-01 to 2019-11-30

Project leader: Peter Bergsten

Other personnel: Anna Sarkadi, Anna Sarkadi Kristiansson, Josefin Wangel, Terry Hartig, Petter Åkerblom

Funder: Forte

Type of award: International cooperation

Total fundning: 299 000 SEK

Around the world, the fast growing urbanization puts children´s physical and mental health at risk. Uppsala Health Summit (UHS) 2019, Healthy Urban Childhoods, will focus on how to strengthen the child perspective in urban planning.The meeting will support national implementation plans for the UN- declaration "The New Urban Agenda", as well as the SDG´s #3, 10 and 11, and develop multi-discplinary proposals for how research and innovation can support policy development and implementation.UHS is an arena for dialogue between decision-makers, opinion formers and experts from public sector, industry, academia and NGOs. It is a collaborative effort by eight not-for-profit partners, led by Uppsala University.Themes, to be discussed in plenum and in workshops:-Access to physical activity and healthy food-Room for rest, psychological recovery, and everyday freedom of movement-Urban farming-Socially sustainable and safe urban areas-Child-friendly infrastructure and tailored public services delivery-Climate adaptation-Evaluation and prioritization of interventions -Who should bear the costs?   Prior to the summit, the latest research on these topics will be summarized as a basis for discussions. Conclusions are presented in a post-conference report. The reports are distributed to a wide group of international and Swedish stakeholders. Journalists are invited to attend.The scientific committee consists of experts from e.g. urban planning, landscape architecture, housing research, child medicine and social medicine. Speakers come from academia, politics, industry and NGOs.In 2018 delegates participated in UHS from 33 countries, from HICs, MICs and LICs. According to an evaluation they:-considered the summit an arena dominated by dialogue,-succeeded in forging valuable contacts,-found discussions in workshops of high quality and led to concrete resultsDate and venue: 8 - 9 October 2019, Uppsala Castle Number of delegates: 225 – 250