Coordination of EU flagship application BATTERY 2030+

Time period: 2018-01-01 to 2020-12-31

Project leader: Kristina Edström, Uppsala universitet

Funder: Swedish Research Council

Type of award: Research infrastructure

Total fundning: 400 000 SEK

BATTERY 2030+ is an initiative for a FET flagship CSA coordinated by Uppsala University to catalyse a paradigm shift in electrochemical storage for a sustainable society with renewable and secure energy, clean transportation and a broad range of strategic industries such as aerospace, medical devices and robotics to mention but a few. This will be achieved by targeting radically new concepts and approaches for the development of ultrahigh performance, sustainable and smart battery technologies based on a circular economical approach. BATTERY 2030+ tackles grand S&T challenges in the five main themes: 1) design of new battery materials; 2) interface engineering; 3) integration of smart functionalities; 4) flexible battery manufacturability; and 5) battery recyclability. This will set in motion an enduring, dynamic, long-term scientific research initiative of at least 10-years, thus laying the foundation for a strong unparalleled battery value chain of novel innovations bolstered by European developed excellence science paired with intellectual property and a highly educated,  skilled workforce. The core group are 13 leading European universities and research institutes along with 3 industry-led European associations representing companies across the whole battery value chain. The vision is to engage a multidisciplinary community of all relevant European stakeholders including public authoroties. This will generate growth, jobs, innovation, and a better climat in Europe.