Mass Spectrometry Imaging Infrastructure

Time period: 2016-01-01 to 2020-12-31

Project leader: Per Andrén

Funder: SSF, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Type of award: Unclassified

Total fundning: 15 000 000 SEK

We propose to upgrade and improve the Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) Infrastructure at Uppsala University. The technology program proposed herein will involve significant development of techniques for MSI at high spatial resolutions of as little as a few microns, three dimensional imaging, and high sensitivity profiling and imaging based on intelligent on-tissue derivatization for monitoring less abundant species. In addition, biocomputational resources will be created to complement the technological advances and enable their routine use by biologists and medical research investigators whose experience with the technology is limited. In parallel, important activities of the Center will involve selected research collaborations that would significantly benefit from the developing technology of MSI, and the provision of core capabilities including ultra-high mass resolution FTICR instrumentation and expertise to external collaborators. The newly developed technologies will be used in biological studies involving high spatial resolution imaging of drugs and their metabolites during drug development, quantitative imaging of multiple neurotransmitters and endogenous metabolites imaging in neurodegenerative disorder models, and studies of cancer. Training and dissemination of the technology will be accomplished through courses, individual scientific visits by established scientists and trainees, and publication of the outcomes of both the technology and application programs.