Public health diseases

An ageing population, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, antibiotic resistance, cardiovascular diseases, viral diseases and mental ill health – these are some of the major challenges in public health. They can affect anyone. Cardiovascular diseases now account for every other death in the western world. More than one in three Swedes suffer a disease, injury or impairment of the brain at some time in their life. More than half a million people in Sweden have diabetes, while mental ill health has become more common in recent years, particularly among women and young people. The disease we call cancer comprises more than 200 separate diseases. Despite major scientific advances, great challenges still remain.

At Uppsala University there is broad basic research in public health and caring sciences, immunology, genetics and pathology, surgical sciences, women’s and children’s health, medical biochemistry and microbiology, medical cell biology, medical sciences and neuroscience. Multidisciplinary projects also contribute to the quest for new knowledge that will improve our ability to prevent disease, relieve suffering and find new therapies for the future.

Current news on public health diseases

Illustration of a human body with visible organs, nerves and blood vessels
Last modified: 2022-02-09