Research challenges

Uppsala University’s mission is to gain and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world. The University rests on the idea and fundamental premise that investments in education and research contribute to a better future. Our University will put all its breadth and strength into supporting sustainable development, engaging with the wider community and promoting openness and respect.
Our goal is to conduct research of the highest quality and relevance. Our research advances the frontiers of knowledge and develops methods to better understand fundamental natural, human and social phenomena, as well as contributing by scientific methods to solutions and knowledge bases for major societal issues. 

The global community faces many challenges – in environment and sustainable development, life and health, people and society, technological advances and innovation. 

With our deep specialist knowledge and a skills base ranging across a great diversity of fields, Uppsala University is well equipped for the challenges. We are stepping up transdisciplinary initiatives to supplement the necessary specialisation. Challenge-driven research and a focus on society enable our University to help find solutions.

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