Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab)

Exterior picture on Scilifelab’s premises

The Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is a national research infrastructure that provides state-of-the-art technologies and expertise in the life sciences. SciLifeLab consists of platforms across a wide range of technologies, including omics, imaging, chemical biology, diagnostics development and pharmaceutical development. SciLifeLab’s data centre provides information technology and data management services to platforms that produce the data. Since 2020 SciLifeLab has also operated Sweden’s COVID-19 data portal.

The host universities of SciLifeLab include Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University. Nodes are located at the University of Gothenburg, Linköping University, Lund University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Umeå University.

The Council for Research Infrastructures (RFI) funds this research infrastructure, which the Swedish Research Council considers to be in the national interest.

The contact person at Uppsala University is Staffan Svärd, Scientific Director at SciLifeLab.

SciLifeLab Uppsala - SciLifeLab's website

Staffan Svärd

Professor at Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology and immunology

Last modified: 2023-03-24