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  • Article in journal

    Ramsay, Gail

    Ecological Literacy in an Egyptian Short Story


  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Introduction: Modernist Intimacies

    Part of Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Nathanael West: Precarity, Empathy and Violence

    Part of Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Mature Works, II (1928-1932)

    Part of The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf, 2019.

  • Book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Virginia Woolf and the Ethics of Intimacy

    Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Eriksson, Mattias; Lindgren, Samuel; Persson Osowski, Christine

    Mapping of food waste quantification methodologies in the food services of Swedish municipalities

    Part of Resources, Conservation and Recycling, p. 191-199, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Manzetti, Sergio

    Mathematical Modeling of Rogue Waves: A Survey of Recent and Emerging Mathematical Methods and Solutions

    Part of Axioms, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Krampe, Florian

    Water Service Provision and Peacebuilding in East Timor: Exploring the Socioecological Determinants for Sustaining Peace

    Part of Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Jänterä-Jareborg, Maarit

    Rätt och religion i ett mångkulturellt samhälle

    Part of Advokaten, p. 42 42-49 49, 2018.

  • Article, book review

    Gustafsson Chorell, Torbjörn

    Filosofin sedd som en kamp om makt och pengar

    Part of Respons : recensionstidskrift för humaniora & samhällsvetenskap, p. 31-32, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Neovius, Martin; Bruze, Gustaf; Jacobson, Peter; Sjoholm, Kajsa et al.

    Risk of suicide and non-fatal self-harm after bariatric surgery: results from two matched cohort studies

    Part of The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, p. 197-207, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Wouk de Menezes, Luana Cristina; Renzi, Wesley; do Nascimento Marchiori, Cleber Fabiano; Queiroz Martins de Oliveira, Camilla Karla Brites et al.

    Nonradiative Energy Transfer between Porphyrin and Copolymer in Films Processed by Organic Solvent and Water-Dispersible Nanoparticles with Photovoltaic Applications

    Part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, p. 5796-5804, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hammarström, Anne; Hensing, Gunnel

    How gender theories are used in contemporary public health research

    Part of International Journal for Equity in Health, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Chasapis, Alexandros; Matthaeus, W. H.; Parashar, T. N.; Wan, M. et al.

    In Situ Observation of Intermittent Dissipation at Kinetic Scales in the Earth's Magnetosheath

    Part of Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2018.

  • Report

    Fürst, Henrik; Levelius, Sanna; Nylander, Erik

    Kulturell bildning i folkhögskolans regi: Deltagare och lärare på estetiska profilkurser


  • Book

    Jänterä-Jareborg, Maarit

    Föräldrabalken och internationell föräldrarätt, En kommentar: En kommentar, Del II

    Norstedts Juridik AB, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Mohlin, Camilla; Sandholm, Kerstin; Kvanta, Anders; Nilsson Ekdahl, Kristina et al.

    A model to study complement involvement in experimental retinal degeneration

    Part of Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, p. 28-42, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Tengdin, Phoebe; You, Wenjing; Chen, Cong; Shi, Xun et al.

    Critical behavior within 20 fs drives the out-of-equilibrium laser-induced magnetic phase transition in nickel

    Part of Science Advances, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Lundberg, Mattias

    Fem frågor till Mattias Lundberg om hans bok Martin Luthers egna toner och ord om musik.

    Part of Musikbiblioteksnytt, p. 10 10-12 12, 2018.

  • Book

    Sjörs, Ambjörn

    Historical Aspects of Standard Negation in Semitic

    Brill Academic Publishers, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ankarklev, Johan; Lebbad, Marianne; Einarsson, Elin; Franzen, Oscar et al.

    A novel high-resolution multilocus sequence typing of Giardia intestinalis Assemblage A isolates reveals zoonotic transmission, clonal outbreaks and recombination

    Part of Infection, Genetics and Evolution, p. 7-16, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Vural, Derya

    Disclosure Practices by Family Firms: Evidence from Swedish Publicly Listed Firms

    Part of Accounting in Europe, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Iveson, Timothy J.; Kerr, Rachel S.; Saunders, Mark P.; Cassidy, Jim et al.

    3 versus 6 months of adjuvant oxaliplatin-fluoropyrimidine combination therapy for colorectal cancer (SCOT): an international, randomised, phase 3, non-inferiority trial

    Part of The Lancet Oncology, p. 562-578, 2018.

  • Book

    Herschend, Frands

    Pafnutius and Skírnir's Journey: A discussion of two medieval plays

    Uppsala University, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Yao, Han; Vandenbossche, Jana; Sänger - van de Griend, Cari; Janssens, Yorick et al.

    Development of a capillary zone electrophoresis method to quantify E. coli L-asparaginase and its acidic variants

    Part of Talanta, p. 83-91, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Tang, Xianglong; Jun, Wu; Benlan, Lin; Sheng, Cui et al.

    Near-infrared light-activated red-emitting upconverting nanoplatform for T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and photodynamic therapy

    Part of Acta Biomaterialia, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gao, Jiangning; Evans, Adrian N.

    Expression robust 3D face landmarking using thresholded surface normals

    Part of Pattern Recognition, p. 120-132, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Oroujeni, Maryam; Kaboudin, Babak; Xia, Wei; Jönsson, Petra et al.

    Conjugation of cyclodextrin to magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles via polydopamine coating for drug delivery

    Part of Progress in organic coatings, p. 154-161, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Lewin, Erik; Counsell, Jonathan; Patscheider, Jörg

    Spectral artefacts post sputter-etching and how to cope with them - A case study of XPS on nitride-based coatings using monoatomic and cluster ion beams

    Part of Applied Surface Science, p. 487-500, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Edquist, Samuel

    De enskilda arkiven i historisk kontext

    Part of Enskilda arkiv, p. 13-30, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Kerstis, Birgitta; Åslund, Cecilia; Sonnby, Karin

    More secure attachment to the father and the mother is associated with fewer depressive symptoms in adolescents

    Part of Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, p. 62-67, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Agrawal, Sumit; Schart-Moren, Nadine; Liu, Wei; Ladak, Hanif M. et al.

    The secondary spiral lamina and its relevance in cochlear implant surgery

    Part of Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, p. 9-18, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Bianchi, Marco

    A stone on paper: Intermediality and the Eggeby runic inscription

    Part of Epigraphy in an intermedial context, p. 156-173, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Mattsson, Ken; Almquist, Martin; van der Weide, Edwin

    Boundary optimized diagonal-norm SBP operators

    Part of Journal of Computational Physics, 2018.

  • Report

    Gottfries, Nils; Stadin, Karolina; Mickelsson, Glenn

    Deep Dynamics


  • Report

    Laun, Tobias; Markussen, Simen; Vigtel, Trond Christian; Wallenius, Johanna et al.

    Health, Longevity and Pension Reform


  • Chapter in book

    Ekblom, Anneli; Ljunkvist, John; Rodéhn, Cecilia; Karin, Hallgren et al.


    Part of Framtidens naturvärden i kulturmiljöer: fallstudie Gamla Uppsala, p. 1-16, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Doherty, Gavin; Cajander, Åsa; Gulliksen, Jan; Linehan, Conor et al.

    ACM SIGCHI/EIT health summer school on user-centered design in e-Health

    Part of interactions, p. 87-87, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Zimmermann, Jakob

    Simple transitive 2-representations of some 2-categories of projective functors

    Part of Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie, p. 41 41-50 50, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Zimmermann, Jakob; Thörnblad, Erik

    Counting Quasi-idempotent Irreducible Integral Matrices

    Part of Journal of Integer Sequences, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Rodéhn, Cecilia

    Utfärder till Gamla Uppsala

    Part of Framtidens naturvärden i kulturmiljöer: fallstudie Gamla Uppsala, p. 175-202, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Nicklasson, Emil; Rodéhn, Cecilia; Persson, Kristina

    En Annorlunda Visning

    Part of Framtidens naturvärden i kulturmiljöer, p. 77-90, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Rodéhn, Cecilia

    Landskapsbruk och Museipedagogik

    Part of Framtidens naturvärden i kulturmiljöer, p. 31-76, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Mindus, Patricia; Cuono, Massimo

    Legal Theory for the Age of Migration? An Outline of a Theory of Arbitrary Lawmaking: Verso una teoria del diritto per l’età delle migrazioni di massa Una tipologia del potere arbitrario

    Part of Rivista di Filosofia del Diritto, p. 11 11-32 32, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hellström, Ann; Källen, Karin; Carlsson, Birgitta; Holmström, Gerd et al.

    Extreme prematurity, treated retinopathy, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and cerebral palsy are significant risk factors for ophthalmological abnormalities at 6.5 years of age

    Part of Acta Paediatrica, p. 811-821, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gerhardsson, Emma; Hildingsson, Ingegerd; Mattsson, Elisabet; Funkquist, Eva-Lotta et al.

    Prospective questionnaire study showed that higher self-efficacy predicted longer exclusive breastfeeding by the mothers of late preterm infants

    Part of Acta Paediatrica, p. 799-805, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Nieri, Fabrizio; Pan, Yiwen; Zabzine, Maxim

    3d expansions of 5d instanton partition functions

    Part of Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Younis, Shady; Kamel, Wael; Falkeborn, Tina; Wang, Hao et al.

    Multiple nuclear-replicating viruses require the stress-induced protein ZC3H11A for efficient growth

    Part of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, p. E3808-E3816, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Bolk, Jenny; Kaul, Ylva Fredriksson; Hellström-Westas, Lena; Stjernqvist, Karin et al.

    National population-based cohort study found that visual-motor integration was commonly affected in extremely preterm born children at six-and-a-half years

    Part of Acta Paediatrica, p. 831-837, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Keshavarz, Samara; Kontos, Sofia; Wardecki, Dariusz; Kvashnin, Yaroslav et al.

    Magnetic properties of Ruddlesden-Popper phases Sr3-&: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation

    Part of Physical Review Materials, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Korpela, Kalevi M.; Pasanen, Tytti; Repo, Veera; Hartig, Terry et al.

    Environmental Strategies of Affect Regulation and Their Associations With Subjective Well-Being

    Part of Frontiers in Psychology, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Lougheed, Bryan C.; Metcalfe, Brett; Ninnemann, Ulysses S.; Wacker, Lukas et al.

    Moving beyond the age-depth model paradigm in deep-sea palaeoclimate archives: dual radiocarbon and stable isotope analysis on single foraminifera

    Part of Climate of the Past, p. 515-526, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Edman, Kristina; Holmlund, Anders; Nordstrom, Birgitta; Öhrn, Kerstin et al.

    Attitudes to dental care, Sweden 2003-2013, and clinical correlates of oral health-related quality of life in 2013

    Part of International Journal of Dental Hygiene, p. 257-266, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Acosta Ruiz, Vanessa; Ladjevardi, Sam; Brekkan, Einar; Häggman, Michael et al.

    Periprocedural outcome after laparoscopic partial nephrectomy versus radiofrequency ablation for T1 renal tumors: A modified R.E.N.A.L nephrometry score adjusted comparison.

    Part of Acta Radiologica, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    van Rongen, Anne; Brill, Margreke JE; Vaughns, Janelle D.; Valitalo, Pyry A. J. et al.

    Higher Midazolam Clearance in Obese Adolescents Compared with Morbidly Obese Adults

    Part of Clinical Pharmacokinetics, p. 601-611, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Liljeström, Lena; Wikström, Anna-Karin; Ågren, Johan; Jonsson, Maria et al.

    Antepartum risk factors for moderate to severe neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy: a Swedish national cohort study

    Part of Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, p. 615-623, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Imgenberg-Kreuz, Juliana; Sandling, Johanna K.; Bjork, A.; Nordlund, J. et al.

    Transcription profiling of peripheral B cells in antibody-positive primary Sjogren's syndrome reveals upregulated expression of CX3CR1 and a type I and type II interferon signature

    Part of Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Karimian, N.; Moustafa, M.; Mata, J.; Al-Saffar, Anas K. et al.

    The effects of added whey protein to a pre-operative carbohydrate drink on glucose and insulin response

    Part of Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, p. 620-627, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Aaboud, M.; Asimakopoulou, Eleni M.; Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin; Bokan, Petar et al.

    Search for High-Mass Resonances Decaying to tau nu in pp Collisions at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector

    Part of Physical Review Letters, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Liew, Lawrence J.; Chen, Linda Q.; Wang, Allen Y.; von Unge, Magnus et al.

    Tympanic Membrane Derived Stem Cell-Like Cultures for Tissue Regeneration

    Part of Stem Cells and Development, p. 649-657, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ahlgren, Per; Colliander, Cristian; Sjögårde, Peter

    Exploring the relation between referencing practices and citation impact: A large-scale study based on Web of Science data

    Part of Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, p. 728-743, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Keqi, A.; Gehlmann, M.; Conti, G.; Nemsak, S. et al.

    Electronic structure of the dilute magnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMnxP from hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and angle-resolved photoemission

    Part of Physical Review B, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Krasnoshlyk, V.; du Roscoat, S. Rolland; Dumont, P. J. J.; Isaksson, Per et al.

    Influence of the local mass density variation on the fracture behavior of fiber network materials

    Part of International Journal of Solids and Structures, p. 236-244, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Baverel, Paul G.; White, Nicholas; Vicini, Paolo; Karlsson, Mats O et al.

    Dose-Exposure-Response Relationship of the Investigational Anti-Interleukin-13 Monoclonal Antibody Tralokinumab in Patients With Severe, Uncontrolled Asthma

    Part of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, p. 826-835, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Sjögren, Erik; Halldin, M. M.; Stålberg, O.; Sundgren-Andersson, A. K. et al.

    Preclinical characterization of three transient receptor potential vanilloid receptor 1 antagonists for early use in human intradermal microdose analgesic studies

    Part of European Journal of Pain, p. 889-903, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hoffman, Tove; Lindeborg, Mats; Barboutis, Christos; Erciyas-Yavuz, Kiraz et al.

    Alkhurma Hemorrhagic Fever Virus RNA in Hyalomma rufipes Ticks Infesting Migratory Birds, Europe and Asia Minor

    Part of Emerging Infectious Diseases, p. 879-882, 2018.

  • Book

    Hasselgren, Björn

    Transport Infrastructure in Time, Scope and Scale: An Economic History and Evolutionary Perspective

    Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Karlsson, Anna-Malin; Landqvist, Mats

    Gränsöverskridande meningsskapande: Om relevansen hos begrepp som text och sakprosa för förståelsen av hälsokommunikation

    Part of Sakprosa, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Engström, Maria

    Визуальная культура и идеология

    Part of Контрапункт, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Banerjee, Amitava; Araujo, Rafael Barros; Sjödin, Martin; Ahuja, Rajeev et al.

    Identifying the tuning key of disproportionation redox reaction in terephthalate: A Li-based anode for sustainable organic batteries

    Part of Nano Energy, p. 301-308, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Stenlid, R; Manell, H; Halldin, M; Kullberg, Joel et al.

    High DPP-4 concentrations in adolescents are associated with low intact GLP-1.

    Part of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Burger, Antoinette; Brooks, Samantha J.; Stein, Dan J.; Howells, Fleur M. et al.

    The impact of acute and short-term methamphetamine abstinence on brain metabolites: A proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy chemical shift imaging study

    Part of Drug And Alcohol Dependence, p. 226-237, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rashidi, Amin; Shomali, Zaher Hossein; Farajkhah, Nasser Keshavarz

    Tsunami Simulations in the Western Makran Using Hypothetical Heterogeneous Source Models from World's Great Earthquakes

    Part of Pure and Applied Geophysics, p. 1325-1340, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ueckert, Sebastian

    Modeling Composite Assessment Data Using Item Response Theory

    Part of CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, p. 205 205-218 218, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Urbina, Hector; Breed, Martin F.; Zhao, Weizhou; Gurrala, Kanaka Lakshmi et al.

    Specificity in Arabidopsis thaliana recruitment of root fungal communities from soil and rhizosphere

    Part of Fungal Biology, p. 231-240, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gao, Xiang; Lindqvist, Andreas; Sandberg, Monica; Groop, Leif et al.

    Effects of GIP on regional blood flow during normoglycemia and hyperglycemia in anesthetized rats

    Part of Physiological Reports, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Virtanen, Pekka; Pentti, Jaana; Vahtera, Jussi; Kivimaki, Mika et al.

    Self-Rated Health of the Temporary Employees in a Nordic Welfare State Findings From the Finnish Public Sector Study

    Part of Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, p. E106-E111, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Liao, Zhen; Kjellin, Jonas; Höppner, Marc P.; Grabherr, Manfred et al.

    Global characterization of the Dicer-like protein DrnB roles in miRNA biogenesis in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum

    Part of RNA Biology, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Franzén, Stephanie; Pihl, Liselotte; Fasching, Angelica; Palm, Fredrik et al.

    Intrarenal activation of endothelin type B receptors improves kidney oxygenation in type 1 diabetic rats

    Part of American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology, p. F439-F444, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Törnqvist, Maria

    Rethinking intimacy: Semi-anonymous spaces and transitory attachments in Argentine tango dancing

    Part of Current Sociology, p. 356-372, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Dillon, J.; Kulke, M.; Warner, R.; Bergsland, E. et al.

    Time to Sustained Improvement in Bowel Movement Frequency with Telotristat Ethyl: Analyses of Two Phase 3 Studies in Carcinoid Syndrome

    Part of Neuroendocrinology, p. 224-224, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Daskalakis, Kosmas; Norlén, Olov; Karakatsanis, Andreas; Hellman, Per et al.

    Ex Vivo Activity of Cytotoxic Drugs and Targeted Agents in Small Intestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors

    Part of Neuroendocrinology, p. 189-189, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Friedner Parrat, Charlotta

    Institutional Constraints and Institutional Tensions in the Reform of the UN Security Council

    Part of International Organization in the Anarchical Society, p. 79-98, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gäddman Johansson, Richard; Hellström Muhli, Ulla

    Developing Care Professionals: Changing Disability Services in Sweden

    Part of Professions & Professionalism, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hast, Anders; Sablina, Victoria A.; Sintorn, Ida-Maria; Kylberg, Gustaf et al.

    A fast Fourier based feature descriptor and a cascade nearest neighbour search with an efficient matching pipeline for mosaicing of microscopy images

    Part of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, p. 261 261-272 272, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Johansson, Dongni; Ericsson, Anders; Johansson, Anders; Medvedev, Alexander et al.

    Individualization of levodopa treatment using a microtablet dispenser and ambulatory accelerometry

    Part of CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, p. 439-447, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Englund, Viktor

    Kvinnor bakom galler

    Part of Populär historia, p. 28 28-37 37, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Cunningham, Una; King, Jeanette

    Language, Ethnicity, and Belonging for the Children of Migrants in New Zealand

    Part of SAGE Open, p. 1-11, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Iordanoglou, Dimitrios

    Homeros from the hylla: vad är en klassisk text och var finns den egentligen?

    Part of Kulturarvsperspektiv, p. 67-82, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ronström, Owe

    Arkaism och öighet

    Part of Ikaros, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Schildt, Maria; Berglund, Lars

    Hur franskt blev svenskt: Om användningen av prologer vid svenska hovet 1680-1718

    Part of Musikens makt, p. 161-180, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Sjögren, Anders

    Wielding the stick again: the rise and fall and rise of state violence during presidential elections in Uganda

    Part of Violence in African Elections., p. 47-66, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Mårdh, Hedvig


    Part of Utställnings Estetiskt Forum, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Mårdh, Hedvig

    Att skapa utrymme för komplexa kulturarv

    Part of Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift, p. 95-100, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Saeed, A.; Larik, F. A.; Jabeen, F.; Mehfooz, H. et al.

    Synthesis, Antibacterial and Antileishmanial Activity, Cytotoxicity, and Molecular Docking of New Heteroleptic Copper(I) Complexes with Thiourea Ligands and Triphenylphosphine

    Part of Russian journal of general chemistry, p. 541-550, 2018.

  • Report

    Hedemark, Åse; Hansson, Joacim; Kjellman, Ulrika; Lindberg, Jenny et al.

    Profession, Utbildning, Forskning: Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap för en stärkt bibliotekarieprofession


  • Article in journal

    Van Rooij, Antonius J.; Ferguson, Christopher J.; Carras, Michelle Colder; Kardefelt-Winther, Daniel et al.

    A weak scientific basis for gaming disorder: Let us err on the side of caution

    Part of Journal of Behavioral Addictions, p. 1-9, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Tikhonov, K.; Shevela, D.; Klimov, V. V.; Messinger, Johannes et al.

    Quantification of bound bicarbonate in photosystem II#

    Part of Photosynthetica (Praha), p. 210-216, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Hedemark, Åse

    Bevara eller förändra?: En analys av debatter om folkbibliotek i dagspress 2007-2017

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Hedemark, Åse; Hampson Lundh, Anna; O´Donell, Maria

    Att göra läsning möjlig för alla: Samarbete mellan bibliotekssektor och biblioteks- och informationsvetenskaplig forskning

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik, 2018.