Conference 7–9 September 2016
Theme: Beyond New Public Management?
Hosted by Uppsala University

The SANORD – Southern African-Nordic Centre – is a partnership of higher education institutions from all the Nordic countries and southern Africa with the aim of promoting multilateral research cooperation on matters of importance to the development of both regions.

The SANORD Conference 7–9 September 2016 is hosted by Uppsala University.

Campus Blåsenhus at Uppsala University

Theme SANORD 2016:

Beyond New Public Management?

Exploring New Paradigms of Governance and Public Service Provisioning

New Public Management has affected Africa and Europe alike since the 1980s, and has implied a substantial shift in the governance and management of the State, and society at large.

The 2016 SANORD conference aims to highlight the need to rethink, scrutinize and look beyond the dominant paradigm of New Public Management, especially when it comes to governance and public service provisioning. In health-care, schooling, social services, as well as in many other sectors of society, issues pertaining to the State’s responsibility and role as provider of services are on the top of the political agenda.

The conference invites papers that look beyond new public management as a dominant model for organizing society and, in extension, explore new paradigms of governance and public service provisioning including learning, and its implications for higher education and research.

Welcome to Uppsala University

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is Sweden’s first university. We are a broad research university with well-defined missions: to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to collaborate with industry and society in various ways to help make the world a better place.

We are pleased and proud to host the SANORD conference in 2016. It is becoming increasingly important to build networks and facilitate meetings between different regions of the world. Together, we can make a difference.
We extend a warm welcome to all our Uppsala University partners, and hope to have inspiring and rewarding discussions on the highly current and interesting theme of “New public management”.

We look forward to seeing you in September 2016!

Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University

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