The Distinguished Teaching Award

Gold stars on blue background

Uppsala University annually awards five prizes for outstanding contributions within education at basic level as well as advanced level.

The prizes of SEK 20 000 each will be awarded in the Autumn.

Four of the prizes are allocated for teachers in the following fields;

Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences
Law and Social Sciences
Medicine and Pharmacy
Mathematics, Science and Technology

Prize winners 2024

Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences
Senior Lecturer Janne Lindqvist at the Department of Literature and Rhetoric

Law and Social Sciences
Senior Lecturer Therése Fridström Montoya at the Department of Law

Medicine and Pharmacy
Professor Linus Sandegren at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

Mathematics, Science and Technology
Senior Lecturer Anna Sakovich at the Department of Mathematics

The Independent Distinguised Teaching Award
Lecturer Anne-Christine Norlén at the Department of Archives, Libraries and Museums (ALM)

The Independent Distinguished Teaching Award

The fifth prize is awarded to pedagogical contributions within a particularly prioritized field chosen and announced annually. This prize is called The Independent Distinguished Teaching Award. The prioritized field 2024 is Education for an ever-changing professional life.

How to Nominate?

The nominationform for 2024 will be open between 16 January to 11 March 2024.

In May 2024 we will present the winners of the Distinguished Teaching Award 2024.

To choose laureates we need to know how your nominee works within the categories of nomination described below. Descriptions of all four categories is by no means mandatory, it does however give the drafting committee a more comprehensive picture of how your nominee fulfills the requirements for the award.
Students, colleagues and heads of departments are all invited to nominate candidates for the awards.

The categories of nomination

Nomination criteria

Previous award winners

Review Committe The Distiguished Teaching Award

Review Committee for the Distinguished Teaching Award

Members of the Review Committee

Chair: Prorektor Coco Norén

Area 1 – Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences

Teacher representative: Åsa af Geijerstam, Department of Education
Teacher representative: Johan Eriksson, Department of Art History

Student representative: Evina Zebili
Student representative: Ofelia Fernström

Area 2 – Law and Social Sciences

Teacher representative: Torbjörn Ingvarsson, Department of Law
Teacher representative: Per Engström, Department of Economics

Student representative: Adam Rämmal
Student representative: Wilmer Bremvik

Area 3 – Medicine and Pharmacy

Teacher representative: Emma Lundkvist, Department of Pharmacy
Teacher representative: Claes Held, Department of Medical Sciences

Student representative: Frida Öster
Student representative: Mahmoud Alshahel

Area 4 – Mathematics, Science and Technology

Teacher representative: Mikael Widersten, Department of Chemistry
Teacher representative: Petra Korall, Department of Organismal Biology

Student representative: Anna Enerud
Student representative: Robin Forslund

Officer from the Division of Quality Enhancement: Helena Lindqvist, educational developer
Secretary from the Division for Quality Enhancement: Charlotte Sundström, administrative coordinator

The mandate period is three years for teachers (2022-01-01 till 2024-12-31) and two years for students (2024-01-01 till 2025-12-31).
The mandate period may be extended once.