Campus card

The campus card is a mandatory multi-function access card for entry to all the University's campuses, printing, borrowing books at the university library and more. If you study or work at the University, you should have a campus card.

Instructions on how to get a campus card is sent by email when the time comes for your campus. To pick up a campus card you need to show approved identity documents and a current course registration. If you are new student at Uppsala University you need a current registration at the University and you need to have your user account activated to be able to receive the email with the instructions.

You then need to continuously provide your campus card with a validity mark.

The card includes a photo of the cardholder and can clearly be linked to the person. The campus card is not an ID document in the traditional sense, but can be used at Uppsala University as an internal identification.

Distance education courses or completed studies?

Students who participate in distance learning courses and spend only a few days on the University premises, or that have completed their studies , do not need a campus card. If you belong to one of these categories you can ignore the campus card request emails.

Note that if you want to be able to borrow printed matters at the university library you do need a campus card.

Why campus cards?

The university premises are not public, but for practical reasons large parts of them are kept open during the day. Risk analysis has clearly demonstrated a number of risks related to unauthorised access to university premises. A card that shows that those who are staying in our campuses really have the authority, contributes to greater security. Most universities in Sweden have already introduced a campus card.

Processing of personal data

Information regarding the processing of personal data in Uppsala University's security system is regulated by the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204). Data about you include identifying information such as name, social security number, course registration and address. You have the right to request access to the personal data registered on you.

Contact and support

If you have any questions regarding the campus card, please contact the reception desk at your campus.

If you have technical difficulties, contact the university Service desk, phone 018-471 44 00

If you lose your campus card, block it as soon as possible. You can block your card by logging in to your user account. You can also contact the reception at your campus to get help to block the card.