Everyone wants to make a difference. One of the University’s goals is to contribute to a better world, but how can we do so? With the project Student Volunteer in Uppsala, the University wants to make it easier for students to involve themselves in charitable work during their studies. The project is a platform to find volunteer assignments in Uppsala.

The project is based on the following assumptions:

  • that volunteer assignments are voluntary, freely chosen, unpaid duties performed alongside one’s regular studies.
  • that volunteer assignments contribute to students’ commitment to social issues during their university studies, which is important not least in the transition from studies to work.
  • that volunteer assignments during one’s studies provide an opportunity to develop interests, expertise and network in a broader range of situations and settings.
  • the involvement in non-profit organisations can have a positive impact on students’ well-being.

Student Volunteer in Uppsala is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Volontärbyrån i Uppsala, the Volunteer Office in Uppsala. Non-profit organisations register assignments at the Volunteer Office's portal whenever the need for volunteers arises.

Think globally, act locally – together we create a better world!

Volunteer fair 12 September

Student volunteering in Uppsala – how can you get involved?

An opportunity for you to get a taste of how you can make a difference! Come and meet the non-for-profit sector in Uppsala at Campus Blåsenhus. The Volunteer fair is presented by Uppsala University together with Volontärbyrån.


  • When? Tuesday 12 September 2023, 11.30 am–1.15 pm
  • Where? Campus Blåsenhus, von Kraemers allé, Uppsala

Are you interested in volunteering?

Visit the volunteer office "Volontärbyrån".

  • Browse the volunteer assignments in different fields and at different organisations.
  • Fill out an application form for the assignments that interest you directly in the portal.
  • Your application will be sent directly to the organisation which then will contact you.

Can’t find a suitable assignment? Just opt to be notified by email when a position of your preferred type is available.

The Volunteer Office examines organisations that register assignments based on certain criteria. For instance, the operations must be non-profit and protect democratic rights and freedoms.