Become a mentor

If you have been studying at Uppsala University for a couple of semesters you can become a mentor for another student that is in need of help. Working as a mentor is a rewarding and meritorious extra job that pays off in many regards! To qualify as a mentor you should be a somewhat experienced student with proven ability to plan and organise your own studies.

A mentor’s role is to give support to students with disabilities. The support consists of supplying the student with the necessary tools and strategies to help them succeed in their studies. Usually the mentor and the student have a similar curriculum, but it is the student’s needs that determine how the match between student and mentor is made.


A mentor helps a student to manage and structure their assignments, organise their schedules, learn how to navigate in the Student Portal, set goals and check how the planning is going. If you become a mentor you will be offered an introductory training where we tell you more about the position and give you tips on different study techniques. When you have completed your training you will be a part of our mentor group and will be matched with one or more students. 

You work one hour a week per student. The salary is 120 SEK per hour (plus 12% holiday compensation). 

Working as a mentor you will be offered training courses in neuropsychiatric and psychological disabilities, and you also have the opportunity to discuss with or receive guidance from our coordinators. On request, when your assignment as a mentor is completed, you receive a certificate specifying the content of the job.

How to apply

Send an email to our coordinators at
State the following in your application: 

  • Name
  • Education
  • Number of semesters that you have studied at Uppsala University (or at another university)
  • If you have previous experience working as a mentor

We hope to see your application!


Jacob Forslin has been a student in the Bachelor Programme in Business and Economics and now he studies Russian. In the fall of 2014 he heard that Uppsala University was looking for mentors. Since he thought it sounded interesting he applied and has worked as a mentor since then. Jacob estimates that he works between 1-2 hours a week. 

- Usually the student and I meet once a week to plan ahead. We look through their schedule and together we find the best way to prioritise and structure their studies. 

Jacob’s advice to future mentors is: get to know the person you are helping and find out their specific needs.

- All people are different and it is up to you as a mentor to help the student according to his or her specific needs.

Jacobs says that the best thing about being a mentor is the feeling that you can make a positive difference for someone else, and at the same time you get to hang out and have a good time.

- I can really recommend becoming a mentor.