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Do you want to get better at communicating? Broaden your perspectives and familiarize yourself with how other people think and feel? Become part of the Literature Initiative! By reading and discussing fiction books, you gain an increased understanding of other people's opinions and tools to better communicate your knowledge.

The Literature Initiative is a pilot project where all students within the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University are invited to participate in a book circle. Participating in the book circle gives you the opportunity to improve your communication skills for working life, the ability to empathize with other people's feelings and an increased cultural literacy.

Found the book seminar to be a great initiative and got me introduced to some great authors. Discussing each person’s experience of the book was eye-opening, as some of the attendants had noticed or even perceived different details from the book and that contributed more towards the quality of the book-reading experience.

This is how it works

  1. Register which book talk you want to participate in.
  2. Borrow the book from the library or buy it from a bookstore.
  3. After you read the book, attend the book seminar.

During the fall semester, six differen book talks are given and you choose which date to attend. The groups are created with a mix of students from different subject areas, grades and campuses. The book talks are led by teachers from the Department of Literature at Uppsala University.

You choose whether you want to read the book in Swedish or English. After you have read the book and participated in a book talk, you will receive a certificate of participation in the Literature Initiative.

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The History of Bees

By Maja Lunde

The History of Bees is a compelling novel that weaves together three stories spanning different time periods. Through the story of a biologist, a beekeeper and a young girl, the book explores man's relationship with nature and the importance of pollination for our survival, while highlighting the consequences we face if bees and the ecosystem are threatened.

More about the book The History of Bees and where to buy it


Dates for book talks:

  • Monday 2/10 (Swedish) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101150
  • Thursday 5/10 (Swedish) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101127
  • Tuesday 10/10 (English) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101150


By Susanna Clarke

Piranesi is a mysterious story about a man named Piranesi who wanders through a labyrinthine house of statues and an eternal sea. When Piranesi discovers that his world may not be what it seems, he is drawn into a journey to uncover the truth behind his own origins and the secrets that the house hides.

More about the book Piranesi and where to buy it


Dates for book talks:

  • Monday 6/11 (Swedish) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101150
  • Wednesday 8/11 (Swedish) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101190
  • Tuesday 14/11 (English) 15.15-17.00 room: Å101150

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