Regulations regarding attendance requirements, etc. for scholarship holders at Uppsala University

§ 1 Scholarship holders must be active, full-time students. Affirmation that this is the case is submitted when applying for scholarships and must be renewed each subsequent term.

§ 2 If no such affirmation is made within the specified time, the holder is obliged to forego the scholarship.

§ 3 The notice informing students that they have been awarded a scholarship will include information about the obligations of the scholarship holder.

§ 4 A scholarship holder may, if it is not in conflict with current scholarship regulations, be allowed, subject to application and special review, to retain the scholarship for studies abroad. Scholarship holders may, during illness, be allowed to retain a scholarship subject to special application (to include a medical certificate). Scholarships may also be kept dormant for two terms for parental leave or full-time duties with a student nation or student union.
A scholarship may also be retained even if the conditions in §1 are not met if there are exceptional reasons, subject to application.

§ 5 A scholarship cannot be awarded to and must be declined by anyone whose income exceeds four “price base amounts”. The “Jubelfest” scholarship can be awarded to PhD students without any regard to income.

§ 6 If a scholarship is extendable under its current charter, anyone holding such a scholarship who wishes to extend it must submit a new application during the regular application period.

§ 7 Decisions regarding scholarships awarded or proposals for scholarships will be posted at the Registrar’s office.

§ 8 Decisions regarding scholarships awarded cannot be appealed.

These regulations apply from 3 June 2014.

Board of foundations associated with Uppsala University