Scholarships for undergraduate and Master’s students

The basic requirements for applying for a scholarship are that you must:

  • be studying at Uppsala University (unless otherwise in the scholarship requirements)
  • be studying full-time in the semester for which you are applying, i.e. 30 credits, or have an individual study plan approved by your department
  • have an income of less than SEK 200,000/year.

What should be included in my application?

Each scholarship has unique requirements that can be supported by attaching appendices. Read the instructions for each scholarship to find out which appendices you need to include for the scholarships you want to apply for. Please note that some population registration certificates from the Swedish Tax Agency may take time to arrive.

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How much money can I receive?

A lot! The amounts vary between SEK 1,000 and SEK 70,000 per semester. You cannot be granted several small scholarships that together exceed SEK 38,000/year. However, you can receive one large scholarship which itself exceeds SEK 38,000/year.

In this case you can apply to pause your obtained scholarship. Such an application is submitted via the scholarship system, and evidence is required of your reason for pausing the scholarship.

If you’ve received a scholarship that spans over several semesters, you need to monitor the scholarship every semester during your tenure. You can do this on your scholarship page, which is open:

Spring semester, 1 April–10 June at 17:00

Autumn semester, 1 November –5 January at 17:00.

Some scholarships are for relatives of donors. For these scholarships, kinship needs to be proven. The kinship should be described in a family tree that includes each generation from the donor, or the person described in the scholarship requirements, through to the applicant. Years of birth and death for all persons should be specified. In the family tree, both parents should be listed for each generation with their first and last names (including unmarried surnames) and years of birth and death.

See our sample family tree template (PDF). Pdf, 91 kB.

The genealogy must be fully substantiated, i.e. including your own personal data. The genealogy must be certified by two people, including a signature, printed name and contact details, and they must be prepared to verbally certify the accuracy of the description.

The application must also be accompanied by a population registration certificate for your parents specifying their relationship to you. To order such a certificate, you must call the Swedish Tax Agency and describe what the certificate should contain. The certificate will then be posted to you, so make sure you order it in good time. Please note that all appendices must be attached to your application and that no appendices may be added after the deadline.