The student network

Uppsala University’s network for students gives you access to the university around the clock. To use it you need a student account – a user identity.

A student account gives you the ability to:

  • receive study information and check your results,
  • use the university’s wireless networks,
  • access e-books, e-journals, databases and other electronic resources through the university library,
  • use your own email address at the university,
  • publish your own website and
  • do assignments on your department’s computers.

Your department may offer additional services where you can use your identity for specific web resources or access to the department’s computer labs.

If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number (personnummer), you must collect your student account information in person to be able to activate your student account. To do this, you must visit a reception desk at one of the following places with valid photo ID, such as a passport: Engelska parken, BMC, the IT Helpdesk at Polacksbacken, the Student Services Office in Uppsala and at Campus Gotland in Visby. You will then be given temporary login details enabling you to activate your account online.

If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number and are going to study a distance course, and will not visit the university before the course begins, you may request a one-time passcode to be sent to your home. Send the request to and a clear scanned image of an identification document that is valid in Sweden (e.g. passport) and a copy of a utility bill with your name and address on it (up to 6 months old), e.g. rent bill or phone bill, to verify your address.

Apply for a student account

If you are studying in Uppsala, your student account gives you access to two wireless networks: Eduroam and UpUnet-S. If you are studying at Campus Gotland you only have access to Eduroam.

General rules for the use of user accounts and computer networks.

E-mail and e-mail directory

With your student account, you will get a personal e-mail account. If you already have your own e-mail address you can forward your mail from your student account to that address. You can check your e-mail through an e-mail client or via the web.

You can choose to be included in an electronic directory of students at Uppsala University.

Broadband in student housing

Most student housing in Uppsala has network sockets wired to UpUnet-S, the computer network in Uppsala. To use it, you need a network interface of type Ethernet in your computer. Each student flat or room has a 10 Mbps connection. For operation and maintenance of the network, the property owner can take out a specific network charge but this is usually part of the rent.

Contact your landlord for more information and for terms of connection to the local network.

On Gotland, student apartments at the municipal housing company Gotlandshem collectively are connected to Telia fiberlan, where 10 Mbit connection (10/10) is included in the rent. If you want to upgrade or purchase additional services you do this directly through Telia.


The student network is connected to the internet via SUNET – the universities’ organisation and infrastructure for national and international data communications.

Last modified: 2021-04-29