Copy and print

Uppsala University have printing and copying systems for students and employees with which you can print, copy and scan documents.


The printing system eduPrint can be used by students with an active student account at Uppsala University as well as by visitors at the university’s libraries. Students pay less for their printouts than non-students. The most convenient way to pay for your printouts is by using a PayEx account that you register with eduPrint. If you do not have a PayEx account you will find instructions below on how to get one. If you, for any reason, can not get a PayEx account you can buy printing coupons at many university receptions to top up your eduPrint account.

Printing coupons can be bought at the reception or service center at BMC, Blåsenhus, Carolina Rediviva, Ekonomikum, Engelska parken, Segerstedt Building and Ångström. The coupons are available in the values 20 kr, 50 kr, 100 kr and 200 kr, but not all receptions have all the values.

Log in using your campus card at any eduPrint printer, after an easy registration procedure at the printer. You can use any student or library computer at the university to print, but also your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

Please note that you must be connected to the wired university network or to the wireless network eduroam in order to use eduPrint and the eduPrint portal. You can’t reach it from home or from UpUnet-S.

How does eduPrint work?

The printing system applies a so called "Follow Print", that is, printing jobs are sent to a central queue. Instead of writing directly to a selected printer, eduPrint stores your printing until you choose which printer to use. When you make a request to print, an amount will be withdrawn automatically from your PayEx account if you have one registered.

Get Started

To get started, you need to log in to the eduPrint portal and register either a PayEx or a printing coupon. You log in to the eduPrint portal with your student-id and password A.

Create PayEx account

Log in to the eduPrint portal

When printing you have two different options of eduPrint printers. One is a traditional printer queue that uses a client software for authentication. The other is a kind of AirPrint printer, also possible to use by tablets and smartphones. The traditional printer has more options when printing, while the AirPrint printer only has basic functions as colour and paper size. The AirPrint printer comes in two version, mob-black-uu for black and white printouts and mob-colour-uu for colour printouts.

See guides for the traditional printer (in Swedish; guides in English will soon be available) and for the AirPrint printer.

You can also send your documents for printing by email to the address for black and white printouts or for colour printouts. You can sen documents by mail from any network, not only eduroam.

When your printing job is submitted you can use any eduPrint printer. First you wake the printer up if it is asleep by touching the screen. You may then log in with your campus card or with user-id and password A. The first time you place your card on the card reader you will be asked to log in with you user-id and password to associate your card with your account. After this the card is registered and you log in by placing your card on the card reader. Printouts that are not fetched within three days will be deleted automatically and will not be charged.

Price list

Prices per printed page for students in SEK.

A4 B&W A4 colour A3 B&W A3 colour
single-sided 0,40 0,80 0,70 0,60
two-sided 0,30 0,70 0,60 1,40

Scanning is currently free of charge.