Summer Closing Ceremony for International Master’s students

This year's annual Summer Closing Ceremony for International Master´s students was held on the 29th of May and it was an opportunity for the students to gather together with friends and family before the students head off to every corner of the globe.

Was held: 29 May 2019
Where: Grand Auditorium/Aulan, University Main Building/Universitetshuset

This event is a Summer Closing Ceremony for all final year students attending any International Master's Programme. The ceremony included speeches and musical pieces, followed by a reception in the hall, on the ground floor, where non-alcoholic drinks were served. On the upper floor, the Chancellor’s Room and connecting rooms were open, an opportunity to look at portraits depicting royalty, cultural figures and professors who have been associated with the University over the centuries.

Individual Master’s programmes and/or university departments may also have arranged graduation events and activities for their students. Students were of course welcome to take part in both.

Please note that no Master’s degree certificates was awarded at the ceremony, students must actively apply for a degree.

Watch the video from this year's ceremony online. There is no sound until 1:38 seconds into the movie.

Ann-Charlotte Hellzén-Wallin 

Ceremony Programme

Anders Backlund, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor

Anders Backlund, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor
Rhianna Rees, Master´s Student
Jackson Kinyanjui Koimbori, Alumnus

Master of Ceremony
Arindam De Tarafder, PhD Student

Andrew Canning, organ
Allmänna Sången

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Please note that no Master’s degree certificates will be awarded at the ceremony, students must actively apply. 

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