Travelling to Visby

We would like to stress that Gotland is an island in the Baltic Sea, and it will take some extra time to travel to Gotland from the Swedish mainland.

By ferry

The majority of people travelling to Gotland take one of Destination Gotland’s high speed ferries. These ferries depart from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn regularly, and travel time is approximately three hours. It is recommended to book your ticket and pay in advance. For more information like ferry schedules and prices, please visit: Destination Gotland,

If you arrive at one of the airports in or around Stockholm, catch a bus or train to Stockholm’s Central Railway Station. From here, you can go either by the SL commuter train to Nynäshamn, or by the ferry coaches, Flygbussarna, that will take you directly from the nearby Cityterminalen, Stockholm's bus station, to the ferry terminal in Nynäshamn for SEK 129. Estimated time for the transfer from airport to the ferry terminal is 1.5-2 hours. For details please refer to Flygbussarna.

The ferry terminal in Visby is close to Campus Gotland. You can travel by taxi or by bus within Visby or to the larger communities on Gotland's countryside. Please note that the bus station is about 1 kilometer from the ferry terminal, although some of the routes stop at the ferry terminal.

By air

There are also domestic flights from Stockholm Arlanda and Stockholm Bromma to Visby Airport, usually all year round. A flight from Stockholm to Visby takes about 40-50 minutes. (It is also possible to travel from a couple of other airports in southern Sweden to Visby.)

This summer, the regular airline SAS and another two airlines, Air Leap and Amapola, operate Stockholm Arlanda (terminal 5) and/or Stockholm Bromma to Visby Airport. See also Visby Airport website (about departures, arrivals, etcetera). (Due to the corona pandemic, the regular airline BRA has temporarily suspended their operations between Stockholm Bromma and Visby.)

If you choose to arrive by plane, Visby Airport is about 3.5 km from Visby, and we recommend newcomers to take a taxi (unless you arrive 26-27 August on the hours when we provide a shuttle service). Public transport and airport coaches are available with some frequency.

  • Taxi costs approximately 150-200 SEK and often offer a set price for the journey to Visby. Read more at
  • Contact the Tourist office at for information on public transport.
  • Airport coaches travel between Visby Airport and Visby centre during the summer months (approx. 15 June – 16 August) and cost about 50-60 SEK. The timetable is available on Flygbussarna.

Visit the Campus Gotland web for further details:

Travel to Gotland

Welcome to Campus Gotland

The recommended arrival dates for new students coming to Campus Gotland are 16-17 January.* Campus Gotland welcomes international students with a welcome meeting with the International Officer Ms Annika Jörnemark. Activities at the orientation meeting include:

  • Welcome package,
  • Activating your student account (requires formal ID, take your passport with you),
  • Course registration at Student Services,
  • A campus walking tour, including the library and the student union.

To schedule a meeting, preferably between 9am and 4pm, please send a request about a week in advance to:
*) Depending on when your courses start, the arranged meeting time could be personalised.

Activities organised by the student union Rindi
The Student Union Rindi organises a number of social events for international and Swedish students at Campus Gotland, during the semester. Some of the activities Rindi offers require a membership (SEK 150 per semester). Read more at Rindi's website (unfortunately poorly updated). You can also receive information about the various activities on Rindi’s bulletin board on campus or by contacting Rindi at

Last modified: 2021-03-31