New students at Uppsala University can expect an enriching learning experience with world-class educators, facilities and teaching spaces. Our aim is to make your study environment as inspiring and comfortable as possible, so you will find a range of academic and student support services available to you. Take advantage of everything Uppsala University has to offer and challenge yourself educationally. Remember, staff members at the university are always on hand to support you, and help you to reach your full potential.

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Study Periods

At Uppsala University, the academic year is divided into two semesters and each semester is divided into four study periods.

Please note, there is no official holiday between Christmas and New Year's, although most students will not have scheduled classes during this time. You will most likely be given assignments and other coursework to perform. If you wish to travel somewhere for Christmas, please talk to your programme or course coordinators before booking any tickets. 

Semester Dates

Autumn 2020
31 August - 17 January, weeks 36 - 02

Spring 2021
18 January - 6 June, weeks 03 - 22

Autumn 2021
30 August - 16 January, weeks 35 - 02

Course Registration

It is not always possible to register for courses early. Some departments enable students to register in the week before a course commences, while others require students to attend the first scheduled in order to register. You will receive more information about course registration from your programme/course coordinator in the lead up to the semester.


The Uppsala University Library consists of eleven unit libraries located across the university's campuses, including Almedalsbiblioteket, the library in Visby, Gotland. For students, the library offers books, journals, online resources, study areas and other forms of retrieval and literacy support. The physical and digital libraries exist in parallel. In addition to the Uppsala University Library there are nation libraries that belong to the student nations in Uppsala. The nation libraries specialise in specific subject areas.

Uppsala University Library
Nation Libraries

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Teaching Methods

Teaching and learning at Uppsala University is based on the concept that students take responsibility for their own learning and development, with the support of teaching staff. Unlike many countries around the world, the academic environment in Sweden is informal and highly interactive. Here, students are on a first name basis with their professors, and are free to engage in discussions and express their points of view. Lectures, laboratory work, seminars, group work, excursions, distance learning and independent study are just some of the teaching methods used by the university. As a student, you should feel confident engaging in classroom activities and sharing your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Assessment Procedures and Academic Honesty

Assessment Procedures at Uppsala University vary greatly between programmes and courses. They can include written assignments and examinations, individual and group projects, laboratory reports and oral presentations.

Disciplinary Procedures for Plagiarism and Obstruction
Uppsala University students are expected to hold a high standard of academic honesty at all times. The university’s Disciplinary Committee may take punitive action against any student attempting to cheat in an examination, disturb or obstruct teaching, or subject any other student to harassment. This includes plagiarism. Disciplinary measures can be anything from a warning to suspension from studies.

Plagiarism is generally defined as using someone else’s ideas, words or production and falsely presenting them as one’s own. It is therefore very important that you always reference sources clearly when writing and submitting assignments. If you are unsure about how to correctly reference sources, you are always welcome to consult your teacher.

Credits and Grades


The duration and extent of programmes and courses is expressed in a system of credits equivalent to ECTS credits - that is, you take 30 credits per semester for full time studies. A full academic year corresponds to 60 credits, thus, one semester corresponds to 30 credits. Furthermore, one semester corresponds to 20 weeks and one week corresponds to 40 hours of study. Each week of full-time study is worth 1.5 credits.

Grading scales

Uppsala University uses five different grading scalesEach faculty decides which of the grading scales will be used in that faculty. The syllabus for a course must always specify which grading scale will be used for that particular course.

It is very important to note that if a student receives a passing grade, no re-takes or supplemental assignments can be done to receive a higher grade, nor can a student be re-registered on the course.

The Student Portal – All About Your Studies

Uppsala University has a lot of student services that are all collected in the Student Portal. It also provides you with important information about your studies from your teachers and your department. To get access to all the information you need a student account.

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Wireless network on campus

Eduroam is a worldwide service developed for the international research and education community. Students at Uppsala University can use the wireless network Eduroam on all of the university's campuses provided you have a valid student account.

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The Language Workshop

If you are having difficulty structuring a written assignment or require feedback on an oral presentation, the Language Workshop can help you. The workshop is open to all Uppsala University students and is free of charge. The tutors involved at the Language Workshop have extensive experience in teaching oral and written communication techniques in different academic disciplines. They can provide individual consultations in both English and Swedish. For more information, please visit: Language Workshop

Swedish Lessons

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The Department of Scandinavian Languages offers Swedish language courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced level throughout the year. All students attending the university as part of an exchange programme can take a basic Swedish language course. Other international students can apply for this course. However, there are usually a limited number of places available and students will be offered a place on a first come, first serve basis.

The course in basic Swedish consists of 48 hours of instruction. Students who pass the final exam will receive academic credit. Those who have met the attendance requirements but do not wish to sit the final exam will receive a certificate. Students can apply and register for the course once they have arrived at Uppsala University. As places are limited, students required by their home university to study Swedish will be prioritised.

English Lessons

Students wishing to improve their English proficiency can apply for the course Practical English: Oral and Written Production, 7.5 credits. Application is made through the website:

For students attending the university as part of an exchange programme, there is a course called Practical English: Oral and Written Production for International Students, 7.5 credits. This course is specifically aimed towards international students and focuses on developing their ability to communicate through compulsory discussions and presentations based on the course literature. Please contact your International Coordinator for information on how to apply for that course.

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The Student Register

The university maintains a student register, called Ladok. In Ladok your name, address, social security number, academic history and eligibility information are recorded when you apply for and are admitted to studies. 

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